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Zerochlor Pool Systems

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ZeroChlor Pool Systems brings you the leading 100% chlorine-free swimming pool sanitizer! No salt, no chlorine, no ozone, no kidding!

It's no secret the negative side effects that chlorine and salt have on our bodies, plus many pool owners are tired of constantly testing their water and handling dangerous substances. Now pool owners are realizing that chlorine simply isn't needed anymore, thanks to advancements in technology and they are converting their existing pools to a ZeroChlor Pool System.

A ZeroChlor Pool System is by far the healthiest way to enjoy your pool, but it offers a lot of benefits outside of healthier swimming. In fact, everything from your pool heater to pool plaster will last a lot longer with a ZeroChlor Pool system. After all, salt and chlorine are destructive and corrosive chemicals.

Here are some benefits of a ZeroChlor Pool System:

  • No Harsh Chlorine Smell
  • No Bad Salt Taste or "Swimming in Sweat" Feeling
  • No More Burning Eyes and Itchy Skin
  • 95% Less Pool Liner Color Fade
  • Beneficial for Eczema/Psoriasis Sufferers
  • Pumps, Heaters, Etc Last Much Longer
  • Better for Your Eyes and Skin
  • Prevents and Reverses Plaster Scale*
  • Simple and Inexpensive to Maintain
  • Water Your Grass and Plants with Pool Water
  • No Salt Pollution of Natural Waters
  • Pets can Safely Drink Your Pool Water
  • No Carcinogenic DBP's or Trihalomethanes
  • No Poisonous Chloramine Gas

We've installed hundreds of ZeroChlor Pool Systems already, visit our webpage where you can see testimonials from our customers. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our systems are backed by a 3-warranty (excluding consumables like bars and bulbs). It is offered by a number of contractors in the area, so you can be swimming in no salt and no chlorine, in no time!
Visit our webpage for more information and to see if your pool is fit for a ZeroChlor Pool System!

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