If it’s time for your annual cleaning of the garage, make sure you at least -

- Sweep the Floor.  Being so close to the outdoors and its natural elements makes this job number 1.  Use a good quality push-broom and you'll begin to see a little sparkle in the garage.  Also sweep out the areas where critters like to nest.

 - Get rid of the junk.  Be ruthless.  If you haven't touched it in a year, pitch it!  Scraps of lumber, aging sporting goods, half full paint cans - say adios!  Not only are they ugly and in the way, they are also areas where critters like to nest.

 - Get Organized.  Items you use most need to be within easy reach.  Move your summer toys to the back or out altogether and move the winter stuff in.  This will not only clean up the look, but it will remove unused areas where critters like to nest.

 - Go vertical.  Cars, bikes, lawn tools, and skateboards can take up a lot of floor space.  Look up for more room.  Hang peg boards for garden tools and small hand tools.  Get hooks to hang those bicycles and golf clubs.  This is where you can spend a couple of bucks wisely and make great strides.  It also removes areas where critters like to nest.

You can do it!  Get to work…