5Things all this rain we had this year can tell you about your house.

  • It can tell you if your roof is leaking.  Sounds obvious, but it can also tell you if you need a brand new roof or just a minor repair.  It is easy to get a free roof analysis which will let you know of any issues with your roof be they major or minor.


  • It can tell you if you have leaks in your foundation.  It can also tell you how the water is getting in and what may or may not be wrong with your foundation, whether your landscaping needs to be re-done or if your French drains are clogged.


  • It can tell you if you need new gutters.  When it rains hard can your gutters handle all of the water or does water pour over the edges?  Water pouring over the edges goes straight to your foundation (see above).  Could be your gutters are too small to handle the flow.  Could be your gutters are clogged with gunk, yes even if you have gutter covers.


  • It can tell you that you will have mold issues.  Mold thrives in wet, warm areas.  Water inside a house, water inside your crawlspace, and water in your attic – these all fit the bill for mold.  All this rain helps you track it down.


  • It can tell you that you need new windows or your house painted.  This is true especially if you have wood windows and haven’t painted your house in a while.  Paint’s job is to protect wood and wood rots fastest on window frames and sills.  Open a window and feel the wood on the sill outside.  If it is soft and easy to pull apart your window needs help, and I am guessing your house needs painting.