Help keep your home a clean, safe haven…

While we - or most of us - are working from home and hopefully sheltering in place I'm sure the thought runs through our heads "Gee, is my house as clean as I can make it"?

If you are like me, every sniffle, every itch, every cough arouses suspicion about the virus.Is our home clean enough?How many times do I need to wash my hands?Is there more that I could be doing?

It's enough to drive one crazy.

So here are a few things that maybe you haven't thought about with some of the systems around your home, kind of a do this don't do that list just to help your mind at ease.

Plumbing.The absolute biggest no-no here deals with what you are flushing down the toilet that didn't come out of your body.Here is the approved list of things to be flushed:

1 - Toilet paper.

That is the end of the list.No tissue paper, no paper towels, no baby wipes, no adult wipes, no man wipes, no newspaper, and depending on how desperate times are no pages from a magazine.

How about wipes that claim to be 'flushable'?

No.Trust me, they aren't.

In case you missed it, go back about 3 paragraphs and read it again.That is it.The entire list.The whole enchilada as it were.

Don't even try.Only toilet paper is thin enough to be safely used.The heavier the material the more likely it will either clog or start a clog in the commode itself or the drain.It just takes one little snag in the line for a blockage to begin to build up.

So while you may have to get creative, please only flush the Charmin.

HVAC.I've had a lot of questions about how to make your indoor air quality be as good as possible.

Ideally and especially for those of us who have crawlspaces, this process would begin with encapsulating that crawlspace to help get yucky humid air out of our house.

But I get it, you want your indoor air to be as well filtered as possible.

That would include the following in order of least best to best best.

A - Change your filter.Doesn't matter which filter you have, change it on a regular basis - regular being a code word for monthly or quarterly.

2 - Upgrade your filter system.Media filters (they are the folded ones) are at the top of this category.The better ones need a professional to install.HEPA filters are the best.Worth it.

D - UV light.UV light sanitizers will kill germs and mold (no, they won't kill the Covid-19 virus) and when added to a proper filter is the best thing to the air in your house.That is as good as it gets, without being hermetically sealed and kept in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall's porch since noon today…

Carpet.The CDC recommends the cleaning of all the hard and soft surfaces in your home.Hard surfaces range from counter tops and appliances to door knobs and furniture.But soft surfaces include your carpet.

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned should be at or near the top of your list.Every sneeze and cough settles down onto your floor.Clean it.Now.

You can find some carpet cleaning companies will also clean the hard surfaces in your home as well.Win, win.

Pest Control.I am throwing this in for one reason - mosquitoes.Yes it is warming up outside which makes us want to go outside and enjoy it.Yes, being outside in the fresh air and sunshine is supposed to be better for us than sitting around inside the house day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day.

After day after day after day after day after day - you get the picture.

You will enjoy your yard more if you get it treated for mosquitoes.Check out the 5Things section of this newsletter to learn more about getting your yard to be a mosquito free zone.

Stay safe.Stay home. Work hard.Wash your hands.

Oh yeah - and relax a little…