Here is your reminder.  There are 5 Things that need a regular check-up in your home.  Since a bunch of them could use it now, here is your list…

 - Pest Control.  Now is the time to make sure your termite protection is current and that your monthly/quarterly pest control visits are in place.  Early warm weather means early bugs.  Give the early bug the boot.

 - Air Conditioning.  Oh look - another benefit of the early warm weather.  Make sure your a/c gets inspected and serviced so it is ready for what appears to be a long summer of use.

 - Electrical.  Hot weather means pop-up thunderstorms which increase your chances of having an electrical surge ruining all those electrical things in your house.  Get your system inspected and have a whole house surge protector installed at your house.

 - Plumbing.  From filling pools to watering landscapes to squirting the pollen off your car, have your plumbing inspected means no more dripping, leaky faucets which cost you money.

 - Garage Door.  I know, you are thinking "Really?”  Well your electric garage door opener is very sensitive to power surges and making sure it is working correctly now will save you headaches later. 

Nothing more embarrassing than having to say the following words on the phone: "I will be late to the office today.  I can't get my garage door open." 

It happens.  More than you think.