Dear Me, 

I came home to a flooded storage area under my kitchen sink last night.  When I looked at it, water was streaming down the supply lines, both hot and cold.

I shut off the water under the sink and am drying it all out, but I know that isn’t fixing the leak.  Should I call a plumber?

Love your show...

Dave in Conyers


A – Wow, sounds like something that happened to me about 10 days ago.

You probably don’t need a plumber.  In fact you can more likely than not fix this yourself, with no special tools or skills.

I am guessing you have either a separate sprayer or a faucet that pulls out to be the sprayer on this sink.

Pull out that sprayer and make sure that the connection is tight.  It usually looks like a chrome sleeve on the back of the sprayer, right down where the sprayer is attached to the water line.  Tighten that – righty-tighty.

You should notice right away that it is easy to twist, which means it is loose, then just twist it until it is tight.

That part of the sprayer will loosen over time through use, or just something rubbing against it, or the twisting of the faucet.  Check it every time the seasons change and you should never have that issue again.

Now turn the water back on and you should be good to go…