If your husband says it is too cold to paint the house he may be wrong on one key point - it’s not too cold to paint your house.

Evaporation is a big part of painting the outside of your house.  If the weather is too hot the water evaporates too quickly to get a quality job.  Too cold and the reverse is true.

Most paint manufactures say it should be at least 50 degrees to paint, but low temperature acrylic paints can be used very effectively down to 35 F degrees.

Your local paint professional should make sure you have the correct paint for the job and climate.

One quick note about painting: for me this is a job that, to do it correctly, takes a lot more time than you think it does.  Preparation is the key to a quality paint job and if you aren’t interested in thoroughly caulking all the seams and nail heads and scraping off any bad paint and replacing bad siding then a professional paint company might be your best call.

Good luck.