Nothing really.  But these pests suck anyway.  

I'm talking ticks.

Have serious tick problems in your yard but aren't sure where to begin?  

The first thing I would do is to call in a professional pest management company to service your backyard, especially if your tick infestation is so severe.

If you have a tick problem that might not be as bad, here is what you can do on your own to stay ahead of the little buggers.

(DIY'ers begin here)

First know that ticks do not like sunny areas, so the more you can keep your grass cut low and your plants trimmed back the better it will be.

The treatment for ticks is very similar to what is used for mosquitoes.  The product that the pros recommend is Bifen, both in a liquid and a granule.  Here’s the deal on that – one application does not do the tick trick.  You need to read and follow the label directions for re-applying the product.

This is, by the way, the same stuff that you would use on mosquitoes in your yard, so you kind of get a dual result, both good.

Also know that if your pest control company says they can cure your ills with one treatment then they are fibbing.  This poison has a useful life in your yard of about 30 days before it needs to be retreated.  So the old "One stop poisoning" does not apply in this case.

That is why to keep out the ticks – and skeeters – you need to keep after them.  You will gain the upper hand if you stay the course...