Q - Now that the thunderstorm season is basically over, can I put off getting a whole house surge protector for my house?

Frieda in Cumming

A - Ahhhhhhhh, no.

Your home receives upwards of 2000 transient electrical surges a year. Surges are not just a product of thunderstorms (although they are definitely a contributor). A surge may happen as a result of general power surge, a tree branch falling on power lines, or even the turning on and off of appliances.

As the average home adds more and more electrical devices it becomes more and more important to have protection against these surges.

Stray electrical charges can damage and/or destroy expensive equipment, not to mention the possibility of leading to a fire, which could destroy your entire house.

A whole house surge protector is yet another step in the safe guarding of not only your stuff, but your family as well.

No matter the time of year I think it is money well spent.