If you are in the market for a new home (or want to sell yours) go in with your eyes open. Here are 5Things that home stagers (or you) will (can) do to hide flaws…

Are you in the market for a new home or want to sell yours before this hot market cools? Here are 5Things to look for that stagers will do to make a house more attractive. Or if you want to read that backwards, here are 5Things you can do to make your home stand out more:

- Look for giant mirrors that may be hiding a bottleneck or dead end or other awkward spaces.

- Is every light blazing away? Might mean a lack of natural lighting in the house.

- Know that one room, usually a child's room will be tricked out as a distinctive memory point so you will more easily remember the house.

- Are there two bedside tables? Often sellers will ditch one to make a bedroom look bigger.

- Look for normal living furniture in rooms. Often furniture, important furniture, is removed from a house to make it look larger, but always ask yourself, 'Is this the normal amount of furniture for a family of 5 - or should I expect three kids to share 1 bed…'