Q - I remember last spring we had a ton of ladybugs in our house. We had a company out to spray for them this summer. Is that good enough?

Denise in Dunwoody

A - Well, maybe. But I doubt it.

The spraying probably took care of any live ones already in your house, but there will not really be any lingering effect on those bugs coming into your house this year.

While that is bad news, there is a silver lining.

We are just on the verge of box elder bug - lady bug - stink bug - flying into your house season. That means you still have time to seal your house to help keep those pests out.

Anywhere there is a gap from the outside to the inside of your home means there is an invitation for a bug to enter. The problem with the lady bugs and the like is that they don't know how to get back out in the spring, so they stay.

Sealing the gaps around your roof line, around windows and doors, and around pipes and vents that enter into your home is a great first step in keeping the bugs out.

PLUS - it is a great first step at keeping cold air out, or in, depending on where you want your cold air to be!

So load up on caulk and weather-stripping and spend a Saturday sealing up your home. It will pay dividends down the road…