Hey – Good Morning and happy hot weather to you!

That’s right, it’s a scorcher out there, and it is still only June. 

You expect it to get hot outside your house, but why is it so warm inside your home as well?

Well, there are a couple of reasons for that:


  • Your insulation stinks.  That’s right, I said it.  Your air conditioning unit is cranking out a lot of cool air but your insulation (the system for keeping cool/warm air inside your house) is letting you down.

Cure – it is never too late (although the wait time may be longer) to get your homes thermal envelope inspected and fixed, be it with fiberglass insulation, foam insulation, or a hybrid of the two.

I like this first because it will help you year ‘round.


  • Your air conditioning unit isn’t working properly.

Face it, it’s not like you didn’t know this was going to happen.  You have a 15 year old unit that you haven’t had serviced for a couple 5,6 years even though the guy on the radio says you should have it done every year.

Well – here you go.  Maybe your refrigerant is low.  Maybe your condenser is retiring early, maybe your system has just had enough and needs replacing.

Cure – call your hvac company, beg forgiveness and get on their list, that’s right, you won’t be the first call of the day today, but at least get on the list.  Be patient, have a lemonade.


  • Your air conditioning unit is working properly.

Wha?   How can I be warm and still have a properly working system?

Well, your system, try as it might, is set to only condition the air about 16-18’ish degrees cooler than the outside air.  It has been studied and researched and it has been noted and processed and your system is only going to lower outside air by 16-18’ish degrees.

Your system will run smoother and more efficiently overall in part due to that research.

So just do the math.  100 degrees outside air minus 18 degrees difference leaves you with a warmish feeling house.

Cure - it only feels warm if you are inside.  Go outside and putter around and come back in and it will feel much cooler.  Turn on a fan, even tho a fan doesn’t cool the air the air blowing across your skin will create a cooling effect.  Take a shower.  Stay very still.

Feeling cooler already, aren't you...

This weather should be your wake-up call.  Check your insulation, get your system tuned up, and get ready for what may be a long, hot, summer…