I call it duct sucking, but that is actually not very accurate.  A good duct cleaning involves more than running a vacuum cleaner down your air duct and turning it on.

Quality duct cleaning from quality, certified duct cleaning companies involve not only the sucking, but the agitating of the ductwork to loosen the years of gunk in your ductwork. 

It also involves an inspection of your hvac coil and blower system to ensure that they are clean as well.

If your house has never has a duct cleaning, then you are certainly a candidate for a cleaning.  Certainly every new house (are they still making those?) definitely needs one as construction debris is a huge problem.

Finding a good duct cleaner is a bit more of a trick.  Here’s what you don’t want; a carpet cleaning specialist who will also do your duct cleaning for $69.96.

A quality duct cleaning company will have an HVAC license, because it is a state requirement to have one to touch your furnace or a/c system (remember, I said a thorough cleaning will involve the cleaning of your coil and blower).

Any company that says they clean the ducts only should be avoided.

Look to spend $4-500 for a thorough cleaning depending on the size of your system but good news - a thorough cleaning every 5-7 years should keep your ducts happy.

It will be money well spent.

WARNING - since we have last talked there is a new scam brewing.  Twice in the past week (since 12/2/15) I have received a call that showed up as "DUCT CLEANING" with a 678 area code on my caller ID.  They offered me a total duct cleaning for $25.  Wrong.

When I pressed them on the issue i was transferred to a 'manager' who told me it was a special - the real price was $129.

Wrong again.  

When I asked them for their hvac license number they informed me they had one but did not share that number with the public.

Strike three - that license number is supposed to be given out to the public upon request.

I am not sure if they just want to get into your house, or want to bait and switch you, or what but this is a SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM.