Q – We have a black’ish, brown insect crawling in the back door.  They have 6 legs with 1 pair of antenna.  They don’t fly or bit, but they are annoying.  They walk very slow and are easy to sweep up.

What are they and how do I get rid of them?

Carl in Avondale Estates


A – Sounds like springtails.  They are generally found in high moisture areas and feed on organic matter.

The bug killing professionals recommend using Bifen granules for the soil area (Bifenthrin is the active ingredient) and follow that up with some Bifenthrin in a liquid form, like Bifen I/T (the 'I' stands for Insecticide and the 'T' for Termiticide)

Mix it with water and apply.  Both will give you about a 90 day residual.

These pests become more abundant as the temperatures go up, so this past week of warm weather has brought them out.

Good luck and happy hunting!