Q - Since it feels like we have gotten about 10 ft of rain with temps in the 60's and 70's lately, is it time for those bugs and pests to start coming out?

Sara - Statham

A - Well no real good news to report to you at this time.

The warm weather can bring about the presence of mosquitoes. When the temps hit around 70, that's the magic number to get them in the air.

The rain will lead to fire ants - I am already seeing fire ant mounds all over the place, and as usual termites are out looking for an unprotected house to settle into.

The rain is what is driving this a little more than the temps. Bugs, pests, critters all need water. That's what they are all looking for during the winter. To have had so much of it fall from the sky in the past months is just what the bugs are seeking.

That makes this a perfect time to hook up with your exterminator and begin start a quarterly treatment plan and make sure that the liquid termite (Termidor) treatment is current around your home.

Also a quick word if you are considering having a mosquito treatment applied on your yard this summer.

The poison (poison is a harsh word, but it only kills skeeters) used has no real residual effect and is active for about 30 days after it is applied, so schedule your treatments accordingly.

Also look for companies that will come back out to your house and re-apply the treatment if it rains on the day of your treatment or the next day free of charge.

In pest control, prevention is way better than reaction, so be on your toes…