I know exactly that is what you are thinking…

You have something that has gone terribly wrong with your home due to, let’s say freezing weather has made one of your pipes burst, so you head to my web-site (thehomefixitpage.com) where you find a qualified expert to do the repairs.

You make the call only to find out that none of my experts can help you for 3 days due to the volume of calls coming in.

So you try another company.  A couple of days.  And another company.  A couple more days. 

And you keep going down the list until you find someone who says they will be there that afternoon and all will be well.

Do you know why the 8th or 9th company you call can be there this afternoon?  It’s because they have been sitting around with nothing to do likely because they aren’t as good a company as you would like to do work on your house.

Maybe they show up.  Maybe they don’t.  Maybe they say they fixed the problem and all is well.  Maybe you can find them 6 weeks later when their work turned out to be unsatisfactory.  You probably won’t, and if you do what are the odds they stand behind their work in a timely fashion?

Do they even care?  Probably not…

This is the problem with emergency home repair in times of great need like during major weather events.

Better companies won’t only tell you that it will be three days before they can get out to your home.  You can ask better companies like “What can I do until you get here” and receive some quality DIY tips to help get you through the rough patch.

This problem is the type of thing that keeps, for example, those wildcat roof companies in business.  They promise quick service but virtually no customer service or support after your check clears.  They prey on the desperate and uninformed.

It is really not a situation you want to expose you or your home to.

Here are some ways to help shorten that lead time:

  • Get maintenance agreements to up-keep your hvac and plumbing systems.  Yes, regular maintenance will help maintain your systems, but by signing up with a quality company for your maintenance will put you on their “Preferred Customer” list which qualifies you for discounts and speedier service calls.
  •  Call at the first hint of trouble.  Trying to DIY, failing, and then calling the service folks is the wrong way to do things.  Call FIRST – get on their list – ask them for any tips, and then go the DIY route.  Even if you fix it, it wouldn’t hurt to have a pro out to inspect your work when they finally get to your house.
  • Say “yes” to the three day wait.  It gets you on the list and in line so you can begin moving up the list.  Great companies run more crews for more hours during stressful times and can often get to you before the three days they told you to wait.

I know it is one of the toughest things to do, but be patient.  Call for help, then set about doing what you can.

Your house will be better because of it.