Here is a quick way you may be able to get your a/c running again…

If your air conditioner has quit blowing cold air, and it is hot, hot, hot outside, and your air conditioning company tells you it will be 2 days before they can come out and repair it, and you are getting mad because, well, just because – do this…

Check your thermostat.  That’s right, your thermostat.

Unless you still have one of those round thermostats (see picture) that was off-limits to the hands of kids everywhere when they were growing up because you “might upset the delicate balance of cool air and dad being cheap”, your thermostat could hold the key.

New thermostats (and by ‘new’ I am referring to thermostats that have digital readouts on them) are powered by batteries.  When the batteries die, as batteries are wont to do, the thermostat shuts down everything that runs through it.

Like your air conditioner.

The cure: carefully take the cover off the thermostat, pop the old batteries out (usually 3 or 4 AA’s), insert new ones, reattach the cover and ta-daaa – your air conditioner will magically start working again.

If it is not the batteries in your thermostat you probably still need a visit from your service tech.  And change your furnace filter while you are poking around your unit.

FYI – this could be the same reason your furnace may shut off on the coldest night of the winter.  The cure is the same.

Good luck!  I hope you are one of the lucky ones who only need fresh batteries…