Getting a real tree this year?  Here are 5 Things you should do…

 - Make sure you get the freshest tree possible.  Brittle needles is an indication that your tree is dry.

 - When you get the tree home cut off another 1/2" of the trunk.  The fresh cut will allow the tree to take in more water.

 - When you set up your tree make sure it is away from heating vents, fireplaces, radiators, and electrical outlets.

 - Take the time to balance your tree in the stand, and make sure your tree stand is secure and stable.

 - Give your thirsty tree a lot of water, re-fill it daily if you have to.  There are also a lot of preservatives out there to help keep it green.  (Grandma Baker always put 2 aspirin in the water.  Not sure why.  Not sure if ibuprofen works.)