Are gas logs worth it or no…

Q - I am thinking of having some gas logs installed but my neighbor tells me that it will cost more in natural gas than getting regular wood.

Is that true, and, can I burn regular logs in with my gas logs?

Caryn in Dunwoody

A - Gas logs are a great idea for your fireplace. They can deliver the warm and cozy ambiance of real fire in the fireplace without all the preparation, maintenance, and cleanup that a real wood fire requires.

Gas logs can also be a great source of heat, especially if the electricity goes out since they require no electricity to operate.

It would be hard for me to give a pennies-per-hour number on the cost of running your logs - it depends on what you are paying for gas and the BTU output of your logs. Your local gas company will be able to provide you with that number if you give them that information.

Suffice it to say it is economical.

You should however, never attempt to supplement a gas log fire by adding anything, including wood, to the fire. This can create additional heat which can damage your gas logs and void your warranty.

Read up on the pros and cons of vented gas logs vs. vent-free gas logs before you purchase your logs, and buy them and have them installed by a certified professional.

I will give you a quick comparison of gas logs.

Gas logs come vented or non-vented. You can burn vented gas logs a bit longer than non-vented gas logs, but they will not heat a room as quickly as non-vented gas logs will.

Don't forget to read and follow directions no matter which type of gas logs you use, if you choose to go in that direction.

Happy logging!