March traditionally comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  It also signals the early stages of severe weather alertness time in Georgia.

So would you feel better if you had a safe room in your house?  At what level?

Safe rooms are handy during foul weather, which in the South is always right around the corner, but they can be costly.  While you can't put a price on your family's safety, here are a few practical things you may want to consider before you get started.

Before you go about building a safe room maybe you can start a little smaller.  See if you can find a 'safe spot' in your home and enhance it.

During dangerous weather the safest place in your home is on a lower level (basement) in a room with no windows or doors to the outside.

There are some places that fit that category that might just need a little tweaking.

For example, if you have a stairway which is connected to a wall, the area underneath is likely the safest spot in your home. 

You can enclose it with plywood sheets (also find a spot and keep a few plywood boards or 4x8 sheets of plywood handy - they will help you fortify doors and windows.) add a couple of shelves and something soft to sit on and presto - instant mini safe room.

Enhance your area with supplies - gallon water jugs (three gallons per person per day is a healthy number to start with), and at least three weeks of canned, dehydrated, and long shelf-life foods.

Also you will want to store a working radio and flashlights along with plenty of AA, AAA, D, and C cell batteries and don't forget 9-volt batteries as well.  These days it won't hurt to have an emergency charger for your cell phones and/or tablets.

Add a small but well stocked tool box (duct tape, hammers, nails, pliers, can openers, pocket knives) and you will be well on your way.

While I am not trying to talk you out of building a safe room (or having one built for you) I tend to look at the use that it will get for the cost involved.

Feeling safe is the most important thing, and no one but you will know at what point you will feel safe in your home.