Q - I would like to put a fence around my yard, and do the work myself.  However, I am having trouble getting started with the posts.  Help!

Stan – Smyrna


A – The post is probably the most important part of the fence because they will dictate the strength and size of your fence.  Also – nothing makes a fence look sloppier than a crooked post job.

After you determine the length of your fence, you will be able to calculate how many posts you need.  The height of the fence will be two-thirds the height of the posts, since you should place the posts one-third of their length into the ground.

Next, mark where you want to put all the posts, making sure there are no trees or bushes or houses (I know you are thinking ‘duh’ but you would be surprised how many people I hear from that put in posts only to discover that their aim was off and now have a tree in the way) in the way.

Then start digging holes.  This is a great job for a teen-age child.  After the hole is dug, put a little gravel in the hole to help with drainage, set the post, and add concrete up to ground level.  Keep the post vertically level and if you can dome the top a little it’s a bonus to keep the water off.

Congrats, you are a post setter.  And your high school history teacher thought you would never amount to anything…