Have you seen those TV ads for these ultrasonic bug and pest control devices.  These are the kind you plug in and they emit a high pitch noise that drives the pests away. 

My neighbor says that he knows someone who has one and they work great – he has a ton of chipmunks in his yard but never any in the house.

Well if my neighbor knows someone who knows someone who says they work then that is all I need.

So I went out and actually purchased a couple of these devices over the years for experimental purposes and..................  Have never had one work even a tiny bit.  I have even put bugs by them, close enough where I would think the bugs would be running around with their little bug hands over their little bug ears, but to no avail.

I have even asked leading entomologists around our state and they used phrases like ‘totally, absolutely a gimmick’ when describing the ultrasonic pest devices.

Another told me that he has carried a penny around in his pocket for 3 years and has ‘never had the flu, so carrying a penny in your pocket will keep you from catching the flu’.

The thing that really bothers me (but not the bugs and rodents evidently) is; how do you know it is working?  You can’t hear it.  You can’t see it.  So, how do you know that it is even doing what it says it should be doing?  (Oh that's right, a little blue light comes on…)

Your money would be better spent on actual pest control services from a legitimate company.