Q - In our crawlspace we have insulation up between the floor joists. Bits of the fiberglass insulation are starting to drop here and there, not a bunch, but it is noticeable.

It's an older home. Should I have a company come out and remove it all and re-do it?

Ann - Douglasville

A - You can.

Or you can do it yourself. Removing and installing insulation from the floor joists in your crawlspace ranks as one of the easier DIY projects lurking around your home.

What you will need: long pants, long sleeved shirt, hat, gloves, mask and trash bags.

The insulation may look harmless, but it is fiberglass which means it does have glass in it. It will irritate your skin if you come in contact with it, especially over an extended period of time.

Simply pull it down and bag it.

Most trash companies will accept cellulose and fiberglass insulation with their regular pick-up. You may want to call to verify. If not, your county landfill will.

Now go to a big box store and get some rolls of new batt insulation. Take them into your crawlspace and unroll them between the joists and Viola! You are an insulation contractor.

Your big box store will sell you metal wire that you can easily place between the joists every 6 ft. or so to help hold the insulation in place.

Roll out the new insulation paper side up and you are done.

If you aren't happy with the way your crawlspace feels, or if it has a water leak, or foul moldy smell you may want to up-grade the air space in your crawl by having it encapsulated.

Although it will be a little pricier, it will greatly improve the air in your house.

Good luck!