Q – Spring begins this month and that means my wife will be on her spring cleaning diatribe that I fondly refer to as her (expletive deleted) spring cleaning diatribe.

I would like to have my own list to combat her list this year.  What should be on it?

Donald in Conyers


A – Well why don’t we put a couple things on your list that will get you in her good graces and make you sound like you are busy (even though you won’t be – it’s our little secret).

  • Call your favorite HVAC company and make sure you are on their maintenance agreement plan.  For under $175 a system, a year, the boys will come and inspect your a/c system in the Spring and your furnace in the Fall (see – already chipping away at that Fall expletive deleted list).

So right out of the box you have made sure that your a/c is tuned up, working, and running efficiently.  Plus if you have an issue during the summer you have positioned your house as a preferred customer and will get faster service.

  • Call the garage door experts and have your door and opener inspected.  This can be done for under $80.  It will make sure that your sensors are ready for another summer of thunderstorms and power surges and that she won’t have to stand in the rain to open her garage door.

You are now two for two and way ahead in the brownie point division.

  • Speaking of power surges, call the electrician and have a whole house surge protector installed.  Keep your electronics safe during the leading power surge season in Atlanta.

You know she let you buy that big screen tv so she could watch Downton Abbey and not football.  The surge protection will at least make sure that the tv is still working when football season hits.

  • Let’s do one more thing.  Let’s contact a quality pool company to schedule a grand opening of your pool.  We are only a couple of months away from pool season and who doesn’t like sitting around the pool on Memorial Day with a cold one and a hot dog.

So schedule the pool peeps to come out and open your backyard oasis.  Beat the rush.

So for four phone calls and under a thousand bucks you have a cool house, a working garage door, preserved your big screen tv (football will be here sooner than you think) and a pool party.

You can thank me later.