Now is the time to get these projects scheduled…

So here's the deal. You've waited and waited until the 90 degree weather snapped, and immediately it's Fall and suddenly the holidays are right around the corner. I get it, but now is the time to get these projects in gear so you can enjoy the cooler weather (and the colder weather that is coming).

I'll keep it short and sweet.

1 - Call your favorite hvac company and have your furnace tuned up. Cool weather often leads to cold weather and you know there will be a really cold snap in there somewhere. Better to be at the top of the list than at the bottom - so no matter if you have a gas furnace or an electric one, get it looked at and ready to keep you warm.

2 - Get your plumbing ready for the cold. Every winter there is inevitably a "your pipes are going to freeze" moment. Take advantage of the nice weather now to get prepared. Get those electric heat strips and install them on pipes that are found in cold, drafty crawlspaces. You may need an electrician to run an outlet to the area.

Find all your home's shut-off valves and get your lawn sprinkler system drained and shut off.

3 - Rake up those leaves and get your gutters cleaned out. Might be a good time to look into gutter covers.

4 - Check your insulation status. Now is the time to get on the list for new insulation installation if you need it. Or learn how and do it yourself, and do it. Your attic will never be more comfortable to work in than it is now.

5 - Thinking about a new addition? You still have time to have your dream kitchen installed or just to update your current one and still be ready to cook that Thanksgiving bird. Some kitchen design/install companies are running specials now. Get the work done and save!

Take advantage of the changing seasons and temperatures and get to it.