Ok - so here's the deal...

Winter weather is on it's way to the area and there are a lot of things you need to be aware of having and doing. You should have salt around for ice spots on your driveway and walkway. You should have some sand bags in the trunk of your car to provide weight and help with traction in case you are out driving.

Wouldn't hurt to have food and water available, although I don't think it sounds like it is going to get cold enough to freeze your pipe. Not at this time anyway.

But remember, things can always change in a hurry when storms strike, so be ready.

Here is an important number to keep track of: 1.888.891.0938 That is the number for Georgia Power in case your electricity goes out. Snow and ice are both ingredients for downed power lines and loss of electricity. That number will put you in touch with the people who can get your power back on as soon as possible.

Never assume that someone has reported an outage in your area. Call if your electricity goes out.

One more time, never assume (insert your favorite "assume" joke here) that your outage has been reported. Take a moment and do it. Write that number down now and post it where you can find it later, later today, later tomorrow, later in the summer - you will probably need that number at some point.

Good luck and stay safe...