We have a brief period here between the end of summer (unofficially September  15th) and the beginning of the Christmas season (unofficially October 15th).  Now is not the time to rest - let’s take advantage of the time and knock out some chores…

Here are 5 Things you can do around the house to get the jump on fall chores and still be back on the couch in time to watch the big game…

 - Gutter Covers.  You know why they call Autumn 'Fall'?  Because that's what the leaves are getting ready to do.  And the pine needles.  And acorns.  And sweet gum balls…

Get those gutters covered now and save yourself time and money later.  Believe me, cleaning your gutters is a crap-job, even if you have a new ladder. 

BONUS - clean gutters will help keep water out of your basement! 

EXTRA BONUS – they will help keep critters out of your attic too!

- Get your furnace serviced.  Avoid the rush - know that the first night you desire warm air it will be there.  Get on the list of your favorite HVAC company to come out, change your filter (oh yeah - the filter) and tune up your furnace.

Maybe while you are at it get a new programmable, auto-change over thermostat (Welcome to 1996!), or better yet, gain the respect and admiration of your kids and hook up a system that allows you to run everything in your home with a touch of your smart phone.

 - Check your insulation.  You should have 20" of blown in insulation in your attic to meet Energy Star requirements.  Hop to it now and save some money - there are insulation installers out there now offering discounts, or do it yourself if you and a friend are really feeling bold!

For even more savings have foam insulation, or a hybrid use of both aded to your attic.  Use the savings to get a new thermostat or get your gutters covered.

- Get your house on a pest control schedule.  Get a whole house treatment now and sign up for quarterly inspections.  Don't wait until you see a bug in your house, kill them outside - now, and teach them a lesson. 

Make sure the service company you use offers inside and outside service with each call.

Feeling guilty?  Remember, you didn't fight your way to the top of the food chain in order to chase a cockroach around your kitchen in your bathrobe at midnight. 

 - Wrap exposed pipes.  Take a moment and crawl through your crawlspace.  See any plumbing pipes exposed?  How about in your garage?  You can wrap those rascals with a foam wrapper and save some money this winter.

Foam pipe wrappers are available at all big box stores and can be installed by even the clumsiest of husbands.  Tools required include fingers, hands, a ruler and scissors.   If you want to get picky the ruler is optional.