The subject of wildcat roofers came up the other day.  The wildcat roofer is generally one from out of town and this is how they operate.

Since we have had a terrific amount of rain lately, they may be back out in force.  Here is how they work.

They will drive up to your house and tell you that you have hail damage to your shingles.  (They can often tell by looking at a metal vent on your roof and seeing if it is dented.  Once they find one in a neighborhood they pretty much assume all the houses will be that way.)

They will tell you that your insurance company will write you a check for a new roof (which they will if you deserve one) and that they will be happy to do the work. 

They will often also not give you a written estimate, rather telling you that they will be happy to do the work for the same amount as the insurance check.  (What a coincidence).

Here’s the problem.  While you may very well get a new roof installed you are taking a huge chance.  Does the company have insurance and workman’s comp?  Their telling you ‘yes’ isn’t good enough.  You need to see documentation.

What if you have a problem?  Your chances of getting any customer service out of your wildcat roofer are marginal at best.  Does the roof come with a warranty or guarantee?  Who will be around to do that work?

Your best bet is to get three estimates for a new roof, in writing.  Get and check references from 5 years ago.  Check insurance and workers comp paper work.  Make sure you getting the correct shingle.

Remember, just because they found the problem doesn’t mean they have any rights to fix the problem.  Do your homework.  Your roof is not going to fall in or suddenly start leaking.

You have time to make an informed choice.  Use it and do so.

I am giving this Three Hammers because you have to be strong to stand up to these people.  You can do it!

Be warned.