With nicer weather here, and summer on the horizon mosquitoes are making some noise.  Get ahead of the pest…


5 Things to help you be skeeter free this summer…

1 – Get rid of standing water on your property.  That includes in gutters and children’s play toys, as well as anywhere else water may collect.

2 – Use plenty of N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide when outside.  Ok, so I was big-leaguing you on the name.  You probably know it as DEET and it is an effective repellent.

3 – Have your home pest control company perform a mosquito service on your lawn.  They will be able to treat areas that are susceptible to skeeters.  You can also sign up for a regular skeeter service throughout the year.  

4 – Use GE Bug Lights on your deck area.  Although these lights are not a repellent per se they do not attract mosquitoes like other incandescent lights do.

5 – Place a fan on your deck.  Mosquitoes are very weak fliers, so a steady stream of moving air can keep them away.  Citronella candles also will provide mild relief, but they offer no more relief than any other type of candle producing smoke.  Eating burritos can create a steady stream of moving air and possibly produce smoke, but given the choice of the three, go with the fans.

Btw – bug zappers and ultra-sonic devices are not effective deterrents.  Neither are eating garlic or taking B12.  Purple martins aren’t even an effective way of mosquito control.  Dragonflies on the other hand are natural predators.